3 ways tech and fitness work together

Technology is continuously changing and improving all while finding more ways to fit into your daily life. From our smart phones that never leave our side to light weight portable laptops and smart watches, most of us are surrounded by technology every day. There's been some controversy and we've started having conversations as a society on whether or not this access to tech is beneficial for ourselves and future generations. And although we may be led to believe that tech makes us lazier, using tech to your advantage can greatly benefit your fitness routine and overall health!

As we spend more time at home or look for easier ways to stay motivated, fitness tech can provide incredible benefits to those who use it correctly. Not everyone can or wants to go on a steep, exhausting hike or hit up a local gym with 100 strangers, but it doesn't mean they don't want to stay healthy or reach specific fitness goals. In this blog, we're going to cover the top 5 ways tech and fitness can work together.

1) Using fitness machines

This first one might feel obvious and old school, but these beloved treadmills and stationary bikes often have an electronic component. Our fitness machines also continue to get smarter and make it more motivating to work out.

Stationary bikes

As PCmag.com points out, stationary bikes are getting smarter and there is more competition in the market than ever. This means you have more choices to find the right bike for your needs. One of the great things about the newer versions of the stationary bikes is that many of them come with subscriptions to classes. You can join a cycling class from the comfort of your own home! Check out Peloton or Soul Cycle at home biking systems if you think you'd benefit from the classes.

Peloton bike Lovd NYC

At home trainers

Technology has really gone above and beyond with these smart fitness mirrors and at home training programs.

Tempo for example provides personal training and specialized work outs that you can do at home with your own equipment. It even uses AI powered sensors to guide you through each work out for safety and efficiency.

Tempo fitness program Lovd NYC

Tonal is a little bit different and with this program, you purchase what looks like a tall flatscreen TV. In this touchscreen display there are thousands of work out programs plus built in equipment that can deliver 200 pounds of resistance for even your toughest workouts. This is definitely one of those things that makes you feel like you're living in the future.

Tonal Lovd NYC

For those who want a fashionable in-home system, Mirror is a great option. This system looks like a regular mirror and can be used as one until you're ready to get your sweat on! You can follow along with classes, personal training sessions, see your vitals, and more. It's also great because you can have training sessions built to help you achieve your goals instead of generic fitness goals.

Mirror fitness Lovd NYC

These programs can be really powerful for people who can't or don't want to leave the house, but want the same opportunities you'd find by taking classes at a local gym.

2) Workout Apps and Training Videos

If you can't afford the machines listed above or don't have the space in your home, workout apps and free training videos can provide variety and new ideas for your home workouts.

Exercise Apps

Apps like Apple Fitness, Nike Training Club, Beachbody on Demand, and Glo are great for people who need a little extra push in their workout routine. Fitness apps like these provide workout and yoga routines, reminders to exercise, and more. Plus, you can add install them in your smartphone and work out anywhere at home, during travel, or in a park.

What we really like about fitness apps is the variety. There are so many options, which makes it easy for you to find the one best suited to your exercise style and needs.

Nike Training Club App Lovd NYC

Fitness Videos

If you don't like downloading apps or are shy about signing up, it's easy to find workout videos on youtube, tiktok, instagram, and other social media platforms.

Workout videos are great because you can decide what type of workout you want to do and find videos for beginners, intermediate, or expert level fitness. Plus, many fitness influencers have a library of videos so if you connect with one trainer or influencer, you can continue using their videos!  From weightlifting to yoga or pilates, you can find videos of almost any type of workout online.

3) Motivate each other

Motivation from friends, family, or other fitness buffs can be a huge driver in your fitness success. Technology makes it easy to share your challenges with others, find support groups, and online goals to share with the community.

Share your challenges

You can use social media to share your fitness goals and ask your followers to keep you accountable! Once you share your fitness challenge publicly, you're more likely to stick to them. A simple Facebook post letting your friends know that you plan to run a mile each day this week can keep you motivated to finishing this challenge - plus people might ask to join you!

Find a fitness community

Studies have shown that working out with others helps you stay consistent and meet your goals. There's a variety of apps and programs you can sign up for now that connect you with friends or strangers (who become friends) that have similar fitness goals. Check out Fitfully, StepBet, or GroupBeast to see if this type of community is for you.

Fitfully app preview Lovd NYC