Apple Announces iPhone 14

Apple announces the release date of October, 7 for the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. The new phone is larger at 6.7 inches and features a new dual-camera system, Crash Detection, and Emergency SOS via satellite.

Hand holding the new Apple iPhone 14

Apple says this new phone will have a more durable design and amazing battery life, which is exciting for users who often crack their phone screens or notice how iPhones tend to lose battery life quickly after a few software updates. The new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus feature a durable Ceramic Shield front cover that is tougher than any other smartphone glass according to Apple.

The company also added camera upgrades with a larger sensor and large pixels. Plus, the addition of a new front TrueDepth camera, the Ultra Wide camera, and Photonic Engine for low-light performance.

Most interestingly, Apple claims their Crash Detection function can detect G-force measurements and detect a severe car crash and automatically dial emergency services. And, they say their new Emergency SOS via satellite can make sure Apple users are able to get help even if they are in a location with no cellular service.

Since every second counts, with Emergency SOS via satellite, iPhone front-loads a few vital questions to assess the user’s situation, and shows them where to point their phone to connect to a satellite. The initial questionnaire and follow-up messages are then relayed to centers staffed by Apple‑trained specialists who can call for help on the user’s behalf. This breakthrough technology also allows users to manually share their location over satellite with Find My when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi connection, providing a sense of security when hiking or camping off the grid.

iPhone 14 Controversy

Although Apple claims the new iPhone has amazing new features, some tech experts and Steve Job's own daughter don't seem to agree. Eve Jobs shared a meme to her Instagram story mocking the new iPhone 14 upgrade and claiming it is just like the iPhone 13.

Screen shot of Eve Job's instagram post

Critics have pointed out that the standing iPhone 14 still has the same screen size, refresh rate, storage, CPU, and cameras as the iPhone 13.

Trouble with preordering the iPhone 14

To add onto the critics, people looking to purchase the new iPhone 14 haven't had the best experience as Apple Store errors caused a failure in many preorder attempts. According to The Verge, people had issues ranging from the Apple Store app and website not loading, financing not working, failure to verify phone numbers, and credit cards not working during the rush for preorder.

iPhone 14 cost

Like most new iPhones, the new iPhone 14 doesn't come at a cheap price point. If you're looking forward to upgrading to the iPhone 14, think about selling your used iPhone or other tech with Lovd! In past years, many loyal Apple users have always traded in their old device when they upgrade, but recently we've learned that isn't always the best financial decision.

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Apple has been called out for it's less-than desirable trade-in values, so it's worth considering how much extra you could make if you skip the trade in counter when upgrading.

Screenshot of the Lovd seller page