The best websites and apps to sell your used tech

Looking to sell your used tech and electronics, but aren't sure where to start? We've compiled a list of the top websites to sell used goods along with the pros and cons of each.

Online shopping has become enormously popular throughout the last decade, which has made it easier than ever for individuals to sell online locally or across the country with shipping. If you've been waiting for a sign to start selling your used tech, this is it. You can easily make extra cash by selling stuff online that you don't even use any more.

To put this into perspective, E-Commerce sales reached $870 billion in the US in 2021. This was a 14.2% increase compared to the sales in 2020. The pandemic likely contributed to the rise in online sales, but we don't see this trend slowing down any time soon.

So if you need extra cash to pay bills or take your dream vacation, round up your tech and electronics that are just collecting dust- it's time to sell!

Best websites to sell stuff locally


Lovd is an online marketplace that gives users the opportunity to sell their used electronics and tech without lifting a finger. The Lovd team will pick up your tech directly from your front door and handle the entire listing process for you, including delivery.

This new start-up launched in January 2022 and already has over 70,ooo users across New York City. Although their services are only available in NYC at this time, they will be expanding soon to offer shipping services. website to sell used good locally in NYC


  • Lovd does the hard work for you by handling listings, which includes taking photos, videos, cleaning and verifying tech, writing descriptions, negotiating with buyers, and more across multiple online marketplaces.
  • As a new start-up, Lovd is looking to change how selling online works so they aren't as outdated as some other online used goods marketplaces.


  • Lovd is only available in select areas of NYC at this time (although they are expected to expand soon)
  • If you prefer a more hands-on method, Lovd isn't for you

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is fairly well-known since it's a part of the tech giant Facebook (who also owns Instagram). Facebook Marketplace provides possibly the most hands-on selling experience. You'll handle the listing from start to finish including negotiating with buyers and meeting up for local pickup or shipping for delivery.

As a part of Facebook, Facebook Marketplace has an impressive number of users across the world.

Facebook marketplace home web page screen shot


  • Facebook Marketplace does not take a percentage of the sale or commission
  • You can sell a variety of items of any condition (including just parts)
  • It's easy to limit buyers to local pickup or shipping delivery only


  • There's been a rise in scams on Facebook Marketplace with scammers creating fake accounts
  • Meeting in person increases the risk of sketchy situations and crime is on the rise especially with selling cars
  • Sellers report little to no support from Facebook customer service if they run into issues


Decluttr is another online marketplace where you can sell used tech (and various other items). With Decluttr, you ship your items directly to their warehouse and they pay you outright. It's easy to scan barcodes and enter your items in their database to receive a valuation. Then you have 28 days to decide whether you want to sell you items to Decluttr or try to sell them on your own.

decluttr home page lovd nyc


  • You can sell other non-tech items along with your tech
  • They make it easy to scan your items (if they have a barcode) and see what Decluttr will pay you
  • They pay for shipping when you send the items in


  • Since they don't focus only on tech, you won't get a tailored experience
  • Decluttr offers you a price and they buy it outright. You could get more from bidding or selling to individual buyers yourself


eBay is a well-known name in the resale industry and there are a lot of pros and cons for sellers working through eBay. Anyone can become a seller on eBay assuming that their account has not been banned by the platform because of a violation of the terms and services. You can sell personal items that are no longer needed.

ebay home page lovd nyc


  • Large audience base around the globe
  • The auction format of buying can drive up your sales price
  • They use PayPal for payments, which is widely used and accepted


  • There are numerous seller fees that you may have to pay even if you don't sell anything
  • There is a lot of competition due to the large number of sellers
  • The fees can be unstable and you may pay more than expected
  • If your store is under performing, they may increase your fees or ban your account


Gazelle offers to purchase your used tech. You can ship it directly to them and get paid. Gazelle offers an easy way for sellers to quickly get rid of their used tech and get paid. After you ship the item to Gazelle, they will review it and pay you or make a new offer if the item isn't as described.

gazelle home page lovd nyc


  • One payment option is Amazon giftcard, which is good if you don't have a bank account
  • Shipping is free
  • They will ship your item back for free if you reject the updated offer


  • Their offers aren't always competitive
  • Has a very specific list of items they accept
  • Can take longer to payout than competitors
  • Updated offers tend to be much lower than the original