The Best Portable Speakers for Bumping Music at Coney Island This Summer

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There's no better New York pastime than heading to Coney Island for some fun. There's something magical about hitting the boardwalk, trying a few old-school rides, and reveling in the smell of all that greasy food! It's a New Yorker's dream!

Do you know what makes it even better? Good music! Whether chilling with friends at Coney Island Beach or sitting back and enjoying the tradition of Friday night fireworks, good tunes make your visit a million times better. But you're at Coney Island! So ditch the headphones and share the love with a portable speaker.

The right speaker will provide all the power you need to have fun with your friends, make new ones, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Things to Look For:

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Before you grab the first speakers you see, let's talk about some must-haves. Speakers are an excellent investment, no matter what. But there are certainly some duds on the market. To avoid buying something you regret later, keep these factors in mind as you search for that perfect Coney Island speaker companion.

Is it Weatherproof?

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First and foremost, weather-resistant construction is a must! It doesn't matter whether you go in the heat of summer or the dead of winter: Weather can be a challenge.

During the warmer months, you'll have to deal with frequent rain, scorching temperatures, and tons of humidity. In the winter, it's cold, snowy, and super windy. On top of that, there's the spritz of the Lower Bay.

Weather-resistant speakers will keep you covered during your Coney Island adventures. The last thing you want is to stop the tunes because water or heat ruined your speakers.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

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Next, let's talk about battery life. Most people have a hard enough time keeping their phones juiced throughout the day. Don't let your speaker be another thing you have to worry about charging.

Of course, bigger battery life is always better. But keep in mind that often comes by sacrificing weight and portability. You want something that offers several hours of playtime, but it shouldn't be so juiced-up that it becomes a nightmare to lug around.

10-15 hours of playtime is ideal. If you can get a speaker that doubles as a battery bank for other devices, even better!

Price Range

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Finally, there's the price. Always keep your budget in mind when shopping. Portable speakers run the gamut when it comes to price. Fancier models with all the bells and whistles can cost hundreds and produce impeccable sound quality. Meanwhile, you can get a cheap model for a few bucks with sound quality that feels like you're listening to your tunes underwater!

There's a delicate balance between quality and price. Luckily, you can buy used on the Lovd marketplace. A secondhand speaker works just as well for only a fraction of the cost, so you get the best of both worlds!

1. JBL

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JBL is one of the better consumer-level brands on the market today. You get excellent sound quality, convenient features, and killer designs. What more could you want?

The lineup of portable speakers is pretty impressive. Models from the Xtreme, Flip, Charge, and Clip lines use Bluetooth technology and have durable waterproof construction. You'll also find super compact speakers you can clip onto your bag and larger boomboxes for those impromptu jam sessions on Coney Island beach!

You can't go wrong with JBL, and plenty of great options exist.

2. Bose

The name Bose is synonymous with quality. Seriously: Ask audiophiles which brand is their favorite, and they'll likely say Bose! While this audio juggernaut is most known for creating bookshelf speakers and fancy home setups, portable options are available, too.

The best speakers are part of the Soundlink and Smart Speaker lines. The latter features voice assistance built right in, so you can take control hands-free. Meanwhile, the Soundlink line has everything from beach-ready devices to tiny micro speakers you can take anywhere.

3. UltimateEars

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If you want something stylish and trendy, UltimateEars is the way to go! There are many great UltimateEars speakers to choose from when shopping.

For ultimate portability, try one of the can-sized Boom speakers. They have plenty of power. Plus, they offer 360-degree sound and one-touch control. If you need more beef, the Hyperboom and Megaboom speakers have you covered. There's tons of power under the hood, making your setup on Coney Island the place to be!

4. Sony

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Sony is a well-known brand with a long history of producing great audio gear. The company's dive into portable speakers is no different. Not only are Sony speakers relatively affordable, but they offer some excellent sound quality, too!

You have no shortage of fantastic speakers. Bass-filled models from the Extra Bass line are a good choice. They have plenty of kicks despite the compact footprint. Plus, they have good water resistance for peace of mind.

X-Series party speakers are another option to consider. They have impressive power and cool lights to create a chill hangout spot with a boardwalk backdrop.

5. Sonos

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Last but not least, we have Sonos. Sonos is a premium audio brand known for creating unique devices with high-fidelity technology. The portable speaker collection is nothing short of fantastic!

The cool thing about Sonos is that many of the speakers wirelessly connect. So at home, it's part of a more extensive music system. But when you take it on the go, it's your prime music epicenter!

Try options from the Move or Roam lineups. Both are purpose-built for portability. Some also have waterproofing to stand up to any weather.

Start Jammin’ with Lovd

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There you have it! Any of these speakers will make your trip to Coney Island worth remembering.

Head over to the Lovd marketplace app. You'll find a massive collection of secondhand portable speakers from these brands and more. Find that perfect audio companion to live out your Coney Island dreams without breaking the bank!
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