Earn Lovd Credits easily!

Earn $40 in Lovd credits to spend on the app

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With Lovd, you can buy used and new electronics at affordable prices and you can make these prices even lower by earning Lovd credits! Credits work just like a gift card - you can use them towards any purchase.

Lovd users can earn a $40 in Lovd credits just by referring their friends to join the app! The best part is - Lovd will also give your friends a $40 credit to spend on their first purchase. It's basically a win-win!

How do you refer friends to Lovd?

Open the Lovd app on your phone and tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner. When in the profile tab, tap the three lines in the top right corner to open the drop down menu. Then click, "invite friends". You can choose to text your friends the code or share your code through email, social media, or SMS.

Your friends can use your link to sign up for Lovd and then you'll both get a $40 credit added to your account!

Why buy used tech?

By buying used tech and electronics, you are doing a major part in sustainability by keeping those metals out of landfills. The tech that ends up in landfills corrodes over time and leaks toxins into local water systems, which is really harmful to local populations and animals. You're also helping to reduce the amount of new tech that is being created. Producing new tech uses massive amounts of water and carbon.

Used tech that is sold on Lovd is checked for condition and quality, so you know that you're buying working tech and electronics. We also only accept items of good, great, or like-new condition because we believe used shouldn't mean poor condition.