Make your listing stand out

Imagine scrolling through any marketplace and trying to decide between 10 laptops that look the same and then BAM you see a gorgeous video of a shiny laptop that is turned on and clearly works. Chances are  you’re likely to pick that option over ones with poorly written descriptions or photos that are blurry.

The easiest way to have a top-notch listing is to take advantage of Lovd’s WeList service - we pick up your items for you and take care of the listing work all for the same commission. When we say our goal is to make selling easier than ever, we really mean it!

If you prefer to list your items yourself, here’s a few simple tips that can help your listing stand out.

Take amazing photos

It’s surprisingly easy to take really excellent photos on a simple camera phone - it’s all about the lighting. Move your pre-Lovd item to a spot near a window where it gets natural light and you’ll immediately see the difference this makes! Pst.. this tip works for selfies too. Take a photo of each side of the item so the buyer can see exactly what they are purchasing.

Impress with superb video

Pre-Lovd goods with videos almost always sell faster! Use your camera phone to take a quick video in the same spot you took the amazing photos we worked on above. Try to hold your phone as still as you can while showing off all sides of the item. Bonus points if you turn it on to show the buyer it works!


Be descriptive and accurate

When writing your description - sell the product! “Old Macbook Pro, silver” doesn’t sound nearly as appealing as “Pre-Lovd Macbook Pro 8GB RAM plus 128GB Memory. This 2017 laptop still works incredibly well and comes with the charging cable! No damage or scratches.” It’s important to tell buyers about your pre-Lovd item.

Here are some talking points that might help:

  • How frequently was it used?
  • What condition is it in?
  • What year, make, model is it?
  • Is there any damage or quirks the buyer should know about?
  • What did you love about this item?
  • Does it come with any accessories or items a buyer would expect?

Wow, now your listing looks incredible!

These easy tips are a simple way to make your listing stand out among the rest. And as always, if you really want to get your pre-Lovd items sold, we recommend giving buyers a deal they just can’t refuse! Listing your used xBox or Airpods for $25 less than the new price probably won’t get much attention, but if you can offer a deep discount, your items will sell faster.

Rachael Humphries

Rachael Humphries