The Best Tech Gifts for Father's Day

Father's Day: That often-overlooked holiday where many people suddenly become awful gift-givers! Be honest: When was the last time you gave your dear old dad something he loved? For most kids, it's year after year of power tools, ties, and tacky socks. Some of us even extend that streak of lousy gift-giving well into adulthood (sorry, dad!).

You're not alone if you have a terrible track record, and most dads will put on that fake smile and show their appreciation nonetheless. But don't they deserve so much more?

Those days of awkward gifts and forced gratitude are over! Now is your time to show pops exactly how much you care. What better way than hooking him up with some cool tech? Dads can be just as tech-obsessed as their kids. Some are masters of their domain, building custom PCs like the modern versions of their tinkering forefathers. Others are a little less tech-savvy, but they enjoy the exploration and intrigue of new gadgets.

No matter where your father falls on that spectrum, there are plenty of great tech-focused gifts waiting for some Father's Day delight. Need some ideas? Here are some fantastic gadgets any tech-loving the big man will love!

An Apple AirTag for the Forgetful Dad

Is your dad the forgetful type? We've all witnessed our fathers searching high and low for a long-lost item. Whether it's the television remote, the keys, or their wallet, dads are notorious for losing objects big and small. The problem only gets worse as your old man gets up there in age.

One excellent tech gift idea worth exploring is the Apple AirTag. Wireless trackers are nothing new, but the AirTag is a cut above the rest! It's a tiny little gadget packed with a surprising amount of technology. We know what you're thinking: It's just another small item that will get lost in the ethers of your dad's couch or sock drawer. But fear not!

The AirTag is a pint-sized beacon that connects to their phone and tablet. If your dad already utilizes Apple's "Find My" network and larger ecosystem, they already understand how it works. But if they don't, setting things up is a breeze.

Once set up, finding those long-lost items is as easy as whipping out a phone. Your pops can connect the AirTag to their keys, wallet, luggage, and even a dog! When lost, the app can set the AirTag to ring. It'll even point them in the right direction. If it gets super lost, the AirTag can use other peoples' phones to send location data back to your dad.

Talk about convenience!

A Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame to Easily Display Memories

Have you ever noticed how little people display their digital photos? We have tons of places to store snaps on the Internet and the cloud. But when it comes to putting those memories on full display, most simply don't have the means. That all changes with this gift idea!

The Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame is a unique piece of tech that most dads wouldn't think to buy themselves. But once they have it, the gadget often turns into something they love showing off!

The concept is simple: You have a screen, a storage device, and a few simple features. All your dad has to do is load up some digital photos on an SD card and pop the storage medium into the digital frame. Once they turn it on, they can experience a 24-hour slideshow of their favorite memories. Tweak a few settings, and they can get the exact experience they want. Every time they look at it, a new photo brings a smile.

You'll stumble across many moments of quiet reflection as your old man views photos of the people, places, and memories he cherishes most. But don't let your dad see you watching him get gushy!

A JBL Speaker So He Can Jam Out to His Favorite Tunes

You might not share your dad's taste in music, but he loves his collection just as much as you do. Whether it's old-school jazz, classic rock, 90s rap, or even modern hits, he deserves the right to let loose and party! A JBL speaker will help him do just that!

There are many great JBL speakers available. Some are pocket-sized and ready to go anywhere. Others are a little beefier, making it easy to create his private little nightclub in his man cave. Whatever you choose, these gifts never fail.

Wireless speakers are a must. Sure, dad might complain about other people using their speakers in public. But give him one of his own, and it won't be long until he gets it! Let him use his speakers when working in the garage, taking care of lawn work, or dominating the grill on those hot summer days. JBL speakers are pretty easy to use. After connecting it to his phone or tablet, it's as easy as streaming from his favorite app. Let the jams commence!

A Temperature-Controlled Smart Mug for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Here's a bit of sophisticated tech for the coffee connoisseur. If there's one thing that most dads know, it's how to make a good cup of joe. Many dads out there can't even function until they have their first servings. Some even knock it back all day to keep that distinct dad energy up for hours.

Whatever the case for your pops, a temperature-controlled smart mug is a quirky gift idea they're sure to love. Once again, it's another item you'd be hard-pressed to see your dad buy for themselves. But once they start using it, it'll be a must-have. Don't be surprised if your dad becomes a cup snob and starts turning his nose up at any non-connected mug. He might even begin to carry this one around with him!

Can you blame him? A temperature-controlled smart mug keeps coffee nice and toasty. No one likes cold coffee, and this gadget will maintain that steamy goodness no matter how long your dad takes to enjoy it!

Noise-Canceling Headphones for Ultimate Relaxation

Did your dad ever yell at you as a kid for using your headphones at the dinner table or during family bonding time? How the tables have turned.

Headphones are more than simple "hater blockers" these days. They're innovative pieces of tech that any tuned-in dad will love to have. Of course, we're not just talking about a cheap pair of regular headphones. We're talking about fancier options full of advanced noise-canceling features.

Active noise cancellation uses a series of microphones to measure ambient sound. It then uses that data to create opposing sound waves that block out the noise in your surroundings. It's a fascinating process that can tune the world out.

Give a pair of noise-canceling headphones to pops, and he'll likely toy with the technology. You'll probably see him going into different environments to test the gadget's efficiency, all while being wowed by how it all works.

Once he gets over the initial magic, those headphones will be an indispensable accessory he'll use everywhere. From vacations to afternoons on the lawn mower, it'll be his tech companion for years to come!

A Smartwatch to Track His Workouts

It doesn't matter whether your dad is a fitness buff or they're struggling to get into shape. Smartwatches are a great gift. There's no better way to stay on top of fitness goals than to have complex data to hold yourself accountable.

There's no shortage of great smartwatches on the market today, and you'll see tons of variety when it comes to features and capabilities. On the simpler side, you have devices that track basic fitness metrics like heart rate and steps walked. Others go all out with the bells and whistles, sporting advanced sensors to measure sleep and blood oxygen! Either way, this is a piece of tech most dads will actively use.

The features will make him accountable. But you can also share data and make working out a family affair! Many modern smartwatches also double as media controllers, alarms, and notification systems when connected to a smartphone, so there's tons of functionality your dad can explore.

Find the Coolest Gadgets for Dad on the Lovd Marketplace

These gift ideas are sure to be a hit no matter what. They're certainly a cut above what you've likely given your pops in the past. But despite the upgrade in quality, you don't have to spend a fortune to spoil the big man!

Download the Lovd app and see what you can find! The Lovd marketplace has all these items and so much more. Browse the listings and uncover plenty of great tech items your dad will love.

When you find something gift-worthy, buying is a breeze. The best part? You can get your item delivered to you in 24 hours or less. Last-minute shoppers rejoice!

Let this Father's Day be one to remember. Shower your dad in love and adoration, and use the Lovd marketplace to find that perfect gift without breaking the bank!

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