The biggest used goods marketplace

With sustainability on the mind, used good marketplaces are a great place to look for new decor, furniture, tech, electronics, and clothing. It's important to do your research before deciding where to shop to ensure you get the best used goods. In this blog, we'll walk you through the biggest used goods marketplaces and the pros and cons of each.

Website screenshot for online marketplace

Buying used tech

When it comes to buying used tech and electronics, Lovd is the premier online marketplace. Lovd has an app on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store so it can be easily downloaded - for free! This young start-up really cares about the user experience and are constantly looking to make improvements. The UI is easy to navigated and you get credits to spend on Lovd when you refer friends. For buying used tech and electronics, I definitely recommend Lovd as the first choice (I may be a little biased).


  • It's easy to set up an account quickly
  • It's free to sign up
  • Lovd verifies tech so you can feel confident about what you're buying
  • They offer delivery so you don't have to meet up with a stranger
  • You're buying from a company and have access to their customer service if you need help
  • Lovd takes their own photos and videos for accuracy


  • Currently only available in certain areas of New York City
Kaiyo marketplace to buy used furniture online

Buying used furniture

Buying used furniture can feel a bit sketchy especially if you've ever had a run-in with bedbugs or aren't sure how to assess the quality of pre-owned furniture. Luckily, Kaiyo is here to help. As a marketplace that specializes specifically in used furniture, Kaiyo picks up and delivers while checking for condition in the process. I would strongly recommend trying Kaiyo if you're looking for used furniture and don't want to deal with the stress of Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.


  • Available in many major cities across the U.S.
  • Picks up and delivers furniture
  • They clean the furniture before delivery
  • They take their own photos and don't use stock photos


  • You cannot return items (but you can reject them upon delivery)
  • You have to be present for your delivery
  • They do not authenticate
Depop used clothing website

Buying used clothes

When you're looking to shop for used clothes, look at Depop first. Depop has a massive user base with over 30 million registered users, which means there are more clothes in a bigger variety for you to shop. The the Depop website describes it as a worldwide community for "buying, selling, and connecting to make fashion more inclusive, diverse and less wasteful."


  • Depop has a feature called "My DNA" that uses your data (that your provide) to show you clothing that suits your taste and needs.
  • You can follow sellers to see new listings first
  • You can negotiate with sellers if you want to pay less than the listing price
  • Depop offers a Buyer Protection if you pay on the app or the official website


  • You're buying from individuals, so quality can't always be guaranteed
  • Some users report poor customer service
  • When buying from individuals, you can be a victim of a scam
The real real luxury used good online marketplace

Buying luxury clothing and accessories

For the luxury shoppers out there who love their brand names, The Real Real is a great marketplace to check out. The Real Real focuses on selling pre-owned luxury goods and they have expert authenticators on staff to ensure the items are legit.


  • The Real Real does offer a return policy for eligible items
  • They authenticate luxury brands before listing them for sale
  • The RealReal is part of a global diversity movement in fashion, focused on employing all races and ethnicities within a collaborative culture


  • Some users complain that the return policy is confusing and easy to misunderstand
  • Can be expensive even though items are used considering it is luxury goods
  • You have to sign up before browsing