Why you should sell your used tech and electronics

Selling your used tech and electronics puts cash in your pocket while providing a more sustainable option that gives your tech new life. It takes about 400 gallons of water to build one laptop, so make sure that water isn't wasted by selling your tech secondhand! The sustainable way is to ensure electronics are used until they no longer work.

Make extra cash

The immediate benefit of selling your used electronics and devices is that you get cash! Trading in your devices to a store like Apple gives you credits, but that can only go towards buying more Apple products. Maybe you want to use that money on bills, paying off student loans, or a new experience instead of investing in more tech. Plus, if you want to shop more sustainably, you're better off taking the cash and buying used tech for your next purchase!

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Live more sustainably

Most of us try to add more planet-friendly, green habits into our every day life and one big thing we can all do is ensure used tech doesn't end up in landfills. By selling your secondhand tech through Lovd, you make money and we'll help your tech find a new home where it will be lovd! And, if your tech is too old or damaged to sell, we can point you in the direction of a recycling center.

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Help the community

Your secondhand tech and electronics provides access to affordable items. Many community members need those laptops for school and phones for family but buying brand new may not be an option. When we're ready to upgrade our gear, it's easy to forget how useful your old tech can be to members of your local community.

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Upgrade your gear

After selling your used tech, you'll have the cash to get a newer version! Maybe you picked up photography and need a laptop that can handle editing software, you decided to learn coding and need an updated processor, or just want to change up your lamps and lighting at home. After you sell on Lovd, you'll get paid within 2-3 business days so you'll have cash fast and can upgrade your gear quickly!

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