Emove Cruiser


EMOVE Cruiser 52V 1600W Dual Suspension - Long Range Electric Scooter The 2021 EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter is the ultimate commuting machine, getting 56 miles of long range and up to 33 mph top speed. Suitable for adults up to 352 pounds, the Cruiser is stacked with features: foldable handlebars, hybrid XTECH hydraulic brakes, key start ignition, turn signals, and more. Balancing performance and portability, the Cruiser is an exceptional commuter for everyday driving. IPX6 water resistance rating Tubeless tires Plug-and-play cabling Anti-theft Locking Key Each key is unique and irreplaceable (so make copies)! The EMOVE Cruiser is built to ride long range, and travels up to 56 miles on a single charge. That’s not an exaggeration; really, this electric scooter is designed for riding, not for recharging. If your commute is 5 to 15 miles a day, and you don’t have time to charge between trips, this is the e-scooter for you. The foldable handlebars on the EMOVE Cruiser telescope, so you can adjust the height for standing or seated riding. The LCD display is waterproof and all components use plug-and-play cabling, making it easier to replace electronics. You can also customize how you accelerate, with 3 throttle options for the Cruiser: the standard finger throttle, thumb throttle, and twist throttle. In good condition. Some scratches and wear and tear (see video)

- Upkar Chana