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1. Request a Pickup

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2. Accept Offers

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3. Get Paid

As soon as we sell you get paid - what’s not to Love!

Frequently Asked Questions
Curious about how Lovd works? Find answers to commonly asked questions here.
General Lovd FAQ
Where can I use Lovd?
We are currently only operating in certain parts of New York City. Since we handle pickup and delivery we can’t service every part of the city yet. Please check out this page for a list of supported ZIP codes.
Who does the pickups and deliveries?
Members of the Lovd team! We are proud to say that everyone on the team helps with this effort. We do not work with third parties at the moment.
How much does delivery cost?
We charge a $7 delivery fee for every purchase. If you buy something on Lovd, you will see the $7 added in checkout and you will also have an option to add a tip for your delivery driver. Our drivers are full-time W2 employees and this fee (as well as your tip!) help us pickup and deliver quickly and responsibly.
How much is the commission fee if I sell something?
We take a 30% commission fee off your sale which helps us pay our team, pickup and deliver items quickly and provide world-class customer support.
What can I sell on Lovd?
Pretty much anything that can fit in a small car! We do not accept furniture at this time and you can check out our terms for a fuller list of items we do not accept.
What is the return policy?
The quick answer is - no returns. The long answer is, please reach out to us if you are not satisfied with the item that gets delivered to you.
As a buyer, what if I buy something and the item doesn't match the listing in the app?
Please let us know asap! We do our best to make sure that the item we pick up from the seller is exactly what they listed, if that isn't the case we are here to help.
What happens if I buy something and it seems fake?
Sellers are responsible for the authenticity of the items they are selling. If you believe something you bought is fake, let us know and we can reach out to the seller and ask for verification and do a full review.
How does the referral program work?
Use your personalized referral link (which you can find by clicking “Refer friends” from your profile) and send it out to everyone you know! Once a friend signs up, we will send both of you a $20 coupon code!
I have a question that isn't listed here
Text us! Call us! Email us - we are your ally. Our support number is (917) 426-9430 and you can reach us via email by sending a message to
We’ll List It For You FAQ
What’s the gist?
We pick up your items and list them for you to take the tedious work out or reselling. We’ll take videos and photos & keep your items at our HQ for quick delivery when they sell.
What kinds of items will you pick up from me?
The minimum number of items is 3 and each item should be able to list for at least $50. We can only pick up items under 20 lbs that can fit into a sedan.
How long will you keep the listings up?
We will do our best to make sure everything sells, however if after 90 days some things are not sold you can request for us to deliver them back to you OR donate them on your behalf. If you were paid up front for any of your items, you'll need to pay back that deposit in order for us to return them.